Rescue Dog Journal: Pet Therapy Dog Graduate

29th Jun 2017

 Therapy Dog Graduate Dog mom has taken her sweet time getting around to helping me with my post. I graduated from Pet Smart and began my pet therapy hospital visits… almost a year ago. That is a whole 7 years […]

Rescue Dog Journal: Pet Therapy Student #2

17th Apr 2016

Pet Smart Grooming & Pet Smart Training This is an unsolicited post where we talk a lot about PetSmart.  PetSmart has not sponsored this post nor have I been compensated in any way. Denise’s Dog Dish & Shasta’s Yorkie Yap/ […]

A Rescue Dog Journal: Therapy Dog Student #1

30th Jan 2016

Rescue Dog Journal Therapy Dog Student #1 Shasta:  What’s a Journal and why am I getting one Dog Mom (me):  Well Shasta, a Journal is defined as a record of events and when people have a private journal it is […]