Children’s Author Visits

Not Like the Other's Harley's Story-Having a Pet with Special Needs

A different children’s author visit

  • Bring the children’s book Harley’s Storyauthor Denise Gruzensky and a therapy dog to your school, shelter, library, community center and more.
  • Hosting an author visit is a great thing to do for your students-children.  It’s a way to help connect your kids to books in a way more powerful than reading alone.
  • Whenever possible I’ll bring a therapy dog
  • The entire No More Bullying curriculum from Wayside Waifs is designed to be taught in five sixty minute sessions. I have three programs specific to 3rd, 4th or 5th graders with common core activities. We will tailor the visits to meet your needs.

Children's Author Visit-A new vision
Children's Author School Visits-A new vision for an author visit

What you can expect

  • We start by reading “Not Like the Other’s-Harley’s Story” with the story pages projected onto a white background (I have an Elmo MP-350 BOXi Mobile Projector I will bring to each visit). Through his story, we will discuss animals and humans with special needs. Discussing caring for them kindness, and compassion.
  • Use the “No More Bullying” curriculum from Wayside Waifs a No Kill Shelter in Kansas City.
  • The story and bullying information will come to life through interactions with a therapy animal.

Children's Author School Visit-Shasta visiting classroom

Go further with a visit from Denise and a therapy dog.

How to host a successful event

  1. It is best to begin the process 6 months to 1 year ahead of your scheduled event.
  2. We will discuss book signing and photographs pre-event.
    • If you are interested in hosting a book signing, consider the number of books and when the signing will take place.
    • I will provide pre-order forms. Same day sales may also be provided.
    • If within driving distance, I will bring books with me eliminating shipping costs.
    • If not within driving distance, plan to order books at least 6-8 weeks in advance.
  3. Publicize the event. I will provide PDF files for flyers and posters.
    • Involve the faculty, PTA, and the local community.
    • Make flyers and poster to hang up and distribute at school, PTA and School Board meetings.
  4. The more children are prepared, the more enthusiastic and involved they will be. Making the visit more fun for everyone.
    • I will provide PDF files of Coloring Pages, Word Searches, and a Maze to help kids start to get to know Harley and his story prior to the event.
    • Have students learn about me before the visit and prepare a couple of questions.
  5. Presentation preparations.
    • I have an Elmo MP-350 BOXi Mobile Projector I will bring to each visit.
    • The honorarium as discussed is due on the day of the visit. I (as most authors) have an established fee, however many of these can be negotiated. Also, consider cutting costs through partnering with other schools, libraries or bookstores.
  6. Create a schedule we discuss prior to the event. If more than one presentation is planned, be sure to schedule some breaks in between as well as separate times for book signings. Here is a Sample Schedule for Author Visit
  7. My author visits can also be given in libraries, bookstores, community centers and more.

Request a Visit

Author Request Form and email completed form to DenisesDogDish@gmail.comDenise's Dog Dish-Smiles, Barks and Wagging Tails

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