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29th Nov 2016
Gruzensky Pack Product Review-Natural Paws

The Gruzensky Family Pack Product Review

Natural Relief for Dog Allergies with Natural Paws

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My dog, Shasta, has Cushing’s disease, if you’ve been a reader then you know. If you’re new to us, WELCOME, and you can check out our previous post Shasta’s Diagnosis is to read about his diagnosis. What we haven’t talked about are his allergies. The excess of cortisol, prior his diagnosis of Cushing’s, probably masked the allergies. However, since starting treatment and moving to a new area (I jokingly call our new area Central Allergy California as I and many residents have them as well) his scratching and chewing on his paws has really increased. There will be several posts over the next few months discussing many of Shasta’s health related issues. For now, I’ll do a quick overview of allergies.

The process for dogs and humans with allergies is, again (see How to Tell if Your Child or Dog Has Diabetes), very similar. A symptom occurs when the immune system starts to see certain everyday substances as dangerous and then tries to get rid of the substance. The process activates the immune system. I promise more in a later post.

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Common symptoms of allergies:

Itchy, red, moist or scabbed skin

Increased scratching

Itchy, runny eyes

Itchy back or base of tail (though Pets Web MD says this is most commonly a flea allergy)

Itchy ears and ear infections




Snoring from an inflamed throat

Paw chewing/swollen paws

Constant itching

Shasta's Flaky SkinI try my best to find natural pet products for Shasta. He is not able to eat a raw food diet since he is a pet therapy dog, but more on nutrition and supplements in later posts.

Before he was treated, Shasta had an excess amount of Cortisol (similar to steroid hormones). Steroid hormones are often used to treat allergies through their ability to decrease the immune systems response. Therefore, his allergy symptoms were inadvertently treated. Treatment for Cushing’s disease aims to decrease the excess of cortisol releasing his immune system to again react to environmental allergies. He also has itchy paws as a result of food and environmental allergies. Since he spends several hours, a few days a week alone with access to a dog door, we are unable to wipe his paws after each outdoor excursion. We met Elyse over a year ago and she shared Tender Paws. We are so grateful she provided a piece of our puzzle.Natural Paws has provided an invaluable piece to our Dog Allergy puzzle. Click To Tweet

Shasta's Dry-Cracked Paws

Elyse Horvath, owner of Natural Paws, has developed a whole line of organic products to help with a variety of dog health issues. She was searching for a natural solution to help their Cocker Spaniel Sweet Pea’s constant itching and couldn’t find what she wanted. So she did what most of us wish we had the guts and imagination to do, she created it.

Elyse requested help formulating Natural Paws Products so it would be of the highest quality and backed by research.   She consulted a peptide chemist with a background in Zoology, Anthropology, Pharmacology, Toxicology and Chemistry. Sounds like a lot of school! Elyse personally determines whether or not the product will be a lotion, essential oil or pure tea and does the safety research. This also includes consulting a veterinary team. The ingredients for all of the products are impressive. For example, Tender Paws includes: “Distilled water, Essential oil blend (safflower, avocado, flax seed, vitamin E, tea tree, lavender), Leaf & Flower extracts (aloe, neem, pau d’arco, nettle, amica, chamomile, calendula, comfrey), Wheat protein, Grapefruit seed extract, Potassium sorbate” Source:

Read the list again, do you see what is missing? I’ll give you the answer: No steroids or chemicals.

At first, I had trouble using it. Shasta dShasta after Natural Pawsidn’t, and still doesn’t, like the spraying aspect. Elyse helped provide a work around, now I spray some into my palm and then rub it onto his paws and skin (yep, though focused on paws, it can be used on hot spots besides the paws).   I love how it smells so I certainly do not mind. Tender Paws helps decrease how much he chews on his paws and scratches his skin. It is important to note if they do still chew and/or lick it is fine since Natural Paws only uses organic plant ingredients that not harmful to digest. I love the story Elyse tells from a Holistic Veterinary conference she attended.  The attendees were the 1st time she had customers tasting her samples. I laugh, but it also very effectively demonstrates the product’s safety.

Shasta's Skin Before & After Natural Paws

Shasta's Paws Before and After

Does your dog have itchy ears?

Floppy ears, wet weather and constant scratching can be the source of ear yeast infections. Yeast infections potentially lead to ear infections requiring antibiotic treatment.

Signs of a yeast infection include

         Scratching of the ear or area around the ear

         Brown, yellow or bloody discharge

         Odor in the ear



         Crusts or scabs on the inside of the outer ear

         Hair loss around the ear

         Rubbing of the ear and surrounding area on the floor or furniture

         Head shaking or head tilt

         Loss of balance

         Unusual eye movements

         Walking in circles

         Hearing loss

Natural Paws EARoma ThEARapy

Photo Courtesy of My Life with Dogs PDX

EARoma theEARapy gives an extra, but worth it, step to our ear cleaning. As noted before, Shasta is at higher risk for infections. I’m all in for anything to prevent needing to use antibiotics, especially when natural.

My usual routine is to clean his ears whenever he has been wet and as needed:

1. Clean with a doggy safe Q-tip.

2. Lightly mist with EARoma thEARapy.

In between times, if your dog has frequent infections, you can lightly mist as much as weekly and/or as needed. Another way to help avoid ear infections is regular weekly cleaning and professional grooming.   Again, and actually like all Natural Paws products, it smells terrific and is a spray.   If you have ever had to put a liquid down a dog’s ears you will immediately see the value in the spray.

The Natural Paws line includes:

Natural Paws Product Flier

Not all scratching, itching and yeast infection symptoms are related to allergies/yeast and also may be a sign of a bigger health problem so please be sure to consult your vet.

Natural Paws Winter Care Pack

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Purchase Natural Paws and enter to win a Natural Paws Winter Care pack below

HELPFUL LINKS (where we dug up our information & you can get more)

Allergies in Dogs –Pets Web MD

Ear Infections in Dogs: Symptoms and Treatment-Pets Web MD





Ditch the Itch wins a 2016 Award



UPDATE:  Look what just happened for Natural Paws!!  Well Deserved!




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The information we’ve shared in this blog post is not a substitute for professional veterinary care. These are our experiences and things that helped us while under veterinary care. It should not replace professional veterinary advice. If your dog/pet has a health issue please seek veterinary care.  

Denise’s Dog Dish & Shasta’s Yorkie Yap/ received  Tender Paws and EARoma ThEARapy for an honest review. We did not receive monetary compensation to review/promote this product. We only accept products that we use ourselves, believe our readers and ourselves will benefit from learning more about & feel you will enjoy. Natural Paws is not responsible for the content of this post.

Happy Holidays,

Smiles, Barks and Wagging Tails,

Denise & ~Shasta

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48 comments on “Dog Allergy Answer #1-Natural Paws

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  2. We are lucky that neither Ralph or Luna have bad allergies. They get itchy skin sometimes, so we make sure to bathe them often enough and use moisturizing shampoo. I’ve been meaning to try Natural Paws and have heard great things. Glad it’s been helping Shasta!
    Jessica Shipman | Beagles & Bargains recently posted…Stocking Stuffer Giveaway Day 2: Full Moon Artisanal JerkyMy Profile

  3. Kimberly Freeman on said:

    I am going to have to order some of this for Houdini as he needs it

  4. Poor Shasta! I’m glad that you found something that works to relieve all of that itching. These products sound wonderful. I’m glad that they are all natural and can be safely ingested if they are licked off. It has to be really hard to have itchy paws and ears!
    Robin recently posted…World’s Best Cat Litter: Get More For Less #WasteLessLitterMy Profile

  5. I’m glad to learn of more options available. Henry suffers terribly from allergies too. Thank you for sharing.

  6. My poor Nelly has an ear infection right now. I’ll be taking her to the vet tomorrow. This is the second one she has had this year, but up until now, she’s only had a few. I think I need to look into that Earoma Eartherapy.
    Beth recently posted…Happy Tails: Nina the Lab/Terrier Mixed BreedMy Profile

  7. I don’t know if my message got through but this is a just in case. We believe in natural remedies, they can be a huge help to animals. These are great to know about, Thank you!
    Dash Kitten recently posted…Sunday Selfie with Dot KittenMy Profile

  8. I never realised dogs got cracked paws, but I do know that natural is best and you should always try natural stuff first. Healing and patience and both take time!

  9. This sounds like a great product to help with the Cushing’s Disease.
    Sweet Purrfections recently posted…Sunday SelfieMy Profile

  10. We are fans of this line and have used it on Dexter. We love the paw spray and the anti-itch spray, both are super effective.

  11. Such a great post full of info! Thank you for sharing. I’m Pinning this on my “Bark about” board!
    FiveSibesMom Dorothy recently posted…Wrapping Up K9 Epilepsy Awareness Month With Feature Article in Fidose of Reality ~and~ Special Book Giveaway!My Profile

  12. That’s so great that Shasta is feeling better. Allergies just suck. I’m glad you’re able to find a natural product to help. Just FYI on the raw and therapy visits. There are organizations that do allow a raw diet. If not, you can look into home cooking, that’s what we do. 😉
    Tonya Wilhelm recently posted…Pet Contests and Giveaways: Dexter’s Delights: Fun and Healthy Treats for Dogs GiveawayMy Profile

  13. With environmental allergies, I’d always consider immunotherapy.

  14. What an informative post! It’s so important for people to recognize little things about a bigger problem than waiting until they become big things about a big problem. Thanks for sharing this!

  15. Ruby has some immune system issues and was diagnosed with ear vasculitis last year. And just a few months ago she started getting itchy red flaky skin on other areas of her body as well. We started using the Natural Paws Spray Ditch the Itch about a month ago and it works wonders on her itchy skin!
    The Daily Pip recently posted…Feline Friday: Rosie Meets #SockittyMy Profile

  16. Love hearing about organic stuff. Natural Paws looks like a fantastic range of products the before and after picture of Shastas paws have done all the talking. I hope this line of products makes its way to India soon

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  18. Oy Allergies, story of our life although phew phew we have been allergy free for about a month. I will check into those products as am always looking for solutions when they arise so thanks for telling me about them

  19. Im so glad your pup is finding relief with these products ~ I’m a big believer in natural products wherever possible.
    Pawesome Cats recently posted…Pixie-Bob Cat Breed ProfileMy Profile

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  21. I will ask our vet is Lyla could have this. I am sure if she did he would have said something since she visits him regularly BUT some of these symptoms are what she goes through. Thank you for the education!
    Joely Smith recently posted…Keep Your Pets Exercised And Smelling Fresh With Aromaearth Pet Spray Fragrance & Odor Neutralizer for DogsMy Profile

  22. I love reading about all the natural solutions available. I had a dog that had mange, and it took such a long time, and too many chemicals, to get it under control. Sounds like some of these products would have been a great help.
    Hindy Pearson recently posted…Nina Ottosson Dog Brick Activity Toy ReviewMy Profile

  23. Allergies suck! Mr. N has a flea allergy that drives him crazy. Luckily, it doesn’t bother him year round.

  24. Nichole on said:

    Poor pup! We’re glad you found some relief!

  25. Poor Shasta. I’m so glad Rita doesn’t have any allergies (at least none so far!) My sister’s dog just had a really bad reaction to a ficus tree they’d had trimmed in their yard. She climbed around on the cut branches and was covered in welts the next day. They were in and out of the ER vet and regular vet over the whole T.g. weekend! Luckily she’s better now, but they were really worried about her for a few days there!
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