Bookworm Book Review-Lola Diary of a Rescued Cat

6th Apr 2018

I am a sucker for a rescue story. Add special needs, senior rescue and/or a unique twist and I am PAWsitively hooked. Lola’s story had me from the beginning and since I’d already met her FURever mom, Dawn, I knew her furry tale has a happy ending.Bookworm Book Review-Lola Diary of a Rescued Cat

About the Authors

Lola is the primary storyteller. Her FURever mom Dawn comes from “a family of cat lovers”.  Dawn first falls in love with Lexy. A few months after adopting her Facebook introduces Dawn to Lola. Those eyes drew her in and Lola’s “charms” worked their magic. It only took 5 minutes for Dawn to decide to adopt her.

From a Dumpster to a FURever Home

Lola the Rescued CatLola tells her tale through excerpts in her diary. Starting with a VERY SCARY beginning. At six months old, Lola is thrown into a dumpster.

The way “Lola” describes being abandoned, in the shelter and sick is exactly how I imagine our furry friends would describe their experiences. “January 5, 2011I’m not on death row but the worker told her not to wait too long. Oh no, that doesn’t sound good at all. I look really bad today. My eyes are crusted over and my face and whiskers are covered with mucus and food… how could this lady ever think I’m cute enough to take home?” If you can read entries like that and not tear up, well I’d have to wonder about you.

Do not worry though, Lola will have you laughing as much as crying. During introductions with her new sister, escapades with Mousie and more you will watch Lola transform into a confident, secure and brave kitten. “March 24, 2011Boy, do I know how to train a human. I taught Mommy to sit with me while I eat…

January 16 is Lola’s Adoptiversary (A.K.A. Gotcha Day). Her diary will take you through her one-year Adoptiversary in 2011. She and Dawn then share other heartwarming rescue stories as well.

Lola the Rescued CatLola the Rescued Cat

Lola and Lexi, like Harley and Shasta for us, demonstrate the meaning of true forgiveness and unconditional love.

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11 comments on “Bookworm Book Review-Lola Diary of a Rescued Cat

  1. This book will both inspire and educate in only a way a cat can 😉 So glad these cats keep us on our toes working for them.

  2. I love a good rescue story too, especially Lola’s! Great giveaway too, I’m sharing.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  3. This books sounds really cute! I love hearing about rescue stories, it’s a wonderful reminder of our capacity for kindness.

  4. Carolyn on said:

    This sounds like an interesting book. There are a lot of nice animal books. We read Bookstore Cats recently & thought it was interesting.

  5. I love Lola’s book and have my own pawtographed copy! I’m not sure I could pick just one favorite.

  6. Oh boy Thank you so much for reviewing our book! We haven’t done any promotion for it in quite some time and we appreciate this. Our mom can’t wait to see you at BlogPaws.

  7. Sandy Weinstein on said:

    i have so many dog book and animal books that i love. i would say one of my favorite is Chasher or The Possibility of Dogs.

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