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9th Dec 2016
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Walking Heart LogoWhat is an animal communicator? I really wanted to know when I met Terri Sides at a Women In the Pet Industries conference earlier this year.

It was interesting timing. A dear friend had just shared, during the conference, the story of their family’s latest rescue that was not assimilating into their home. They used an animal communicator who helped them discover both the issues and the type of home that would be best for the little guy. The happy ending is they were able to find him the PAWfect family. Ironically, within 24 hours I met Terri.

Man and his Dog

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What is animal communication?

An animal communicator is more in tune/sensitive to using telepathic language.   There are a variety of ways an animal communicator may say they speak to an animal. Terri describes the language she uses as being through images. An example, “Shasta is showing me a two story house with stairs.”

Who is Terri?

Terri started her career as a Registered Nurse (we have that in common). During that time she began learning about Healing Touch, becoming a practitioner working with patients in hospice and palliative care. After a “life changing” experience with wild dolphins she began exploring the “many layers of the healing process”.  Her passion is to bring people into alignment with their purpose and their animal companions to help create a life that speaks from their hearts.

Before you stop and/or continue reading, I’d like you to keep an open mind. I am passionate about being respectful of other’s beliefs and not pushing my own. I believe in having an open mind with a healthy dose of skepticism. I know when my fur kid is ill; I am particularly at risk both financially and emotionally. Google “animal communicator” and you will find thousands of results leaving a lot of room open for fraud. Be sure to do your research before you hand over your, hard earned, money.

Approximately a month ago, Shasta and I had a session with Terri. The “visit” is done over the phone and Terri requests a photo without any additional information prior to the one-hour session.

Me: How does he feel about his days at home and the move?

Terri: He is showing me a house with 2 stories. Are you living in a home with 2 stories?

Me: No, but our previous home was 2 stories.

Terri: He liked the 2-story house.

Did I make it fit? It is anyone’s guess but there is no way to know for sure.   She also said he is upset and barks when we are gone. I feel the statement is pretty general as it could apply to many dogs when their owners leave, this type of statement is called a universal declaration. We have a Furbo (watch for a future review) and so we know he is upset and barks when we are gone.

Terri: He has plenty of toys. His favorite toy is one he carries around with a squeaker. It feels soft in his mouth and might not squeak anymore?

So squeaky toys are his favorite toys. We recently learned that he doesn’t really like the rubber kind but prefers the soft stuffed ones (our local shelter will be receiving a few toys). However, all of the squeakers work. Well one has several squeakers with different pitches (great for the humans by the way) and one of those squeakers isn’t working. That is his favorite toy but I just make it fit again?

Terri: When was the last time he had an accident when you were gone?

Ok, here is the thing; we had already discussed how upset he gets before. When we talked about him barking and then I mentioned we had a Furbo and what we were seeing when we were gone. It isn’t too much of a stretch to suggest he might be having accidents. My answer to this question can direct where the rest of this heads. Was it intuition or a question that seems to provide information when, in actuality it helps fish for additional information?  Again, since I had provided so much (unsolicited) information, it leaves it open to interpretation.

Me: What does Shasta think about his health?

Terri: How old is he?

Me: We don’t know.

Terri: When did you get him?

Me: November 9, 2013

Terri:   He is bringing attention to his teeth. Has he had problems with his teeth?

When I answered affirmatively, I also said his teeth were the reason our vet knew he wasn’t the age the rescue originally thought.

Terri: He likes fish… Have they determined he is allergic to anything?

Me: Yes

Terri: It comes through his gut and out through his skin. He is itchy. Does he have hot spots?

Me: Yes. I mention especially since we moved to Central California and he was diagnosed and started treatment for Cushing’s disease.

Terri: He resonates to rabbit, fish, buffalo and venison but not beef and poultry.

Interestingly enough, in the few months prior to our session, we discovered he is more reactive to chicken. Terri was very specific about what was good and not as good for Shasta to eat. I have not blogged about our diet changes (though I will be soon) so that was not discoverable on our web site. It is also not general information that could be altered/shifted as needed.

There were many things we discussed during our hour session. I found Terri to be insightful. I liked her holistic recommendations. Most were things I’d already been considering and she was able to provide further information.

In hindsight, there are a few things I wish I had considered and done prior to having our session.

  1. Make a short list of general questions. Which leads right into #2.
  2. Do not offer a lot of information. Information repeated back or easily intuitive given my responses leads me to further skepticism.
  3. Be more cautious with how detailed I am when answering questions. The, unsolicited, extensive details I provided led me again to further skepticism.

This is obvious to me but might not be for others. Please do not replace Veterinarian advice with information from a session.


A Dog's Perspective

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The jury is still out for me.  This is of no fault of Terri’s. Not having set and then followed my own recommendations has left me still skeptical. Did I learn anything from the session, definitely? I’m looking forward to trying some of Terri’s great suggestions.

She also donated a full session to the lucky winner of the Holistic Goodies prize package.

Have you ever used a pet communicator?   What was your experience?

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Denise’s Dog Dish & Shasta’s Yorkie Yap.  We did not receive a session or monetary compensation to review/promote the product.  We only accept products that we have used ourselves, believe our readers and ourselves will benefit from learning more about & feel you will enjoy. Walking Heart is not responsible for the content of this post.

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Happy Holidays,

Smiles, Barks and Wagging Tails,

Denise & ~Shasta

The information we’ve shared in this blog post is not a substitute for professional veterinary care. These are our experiences and things that helped us while under veterinary care. It should not replace professional veterinary advice. If your dog/pet has a health issue please seek veterinary care.

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  1. I am also kind of a skeptic though I have had some remarkable experiences with animal communicators and psychics. Unfortunately, there are lots of people, as you point out, who will take advantage of people in their time of need. Terri sounds great. Thanks for sharing your experience
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