4 Gifts for Pets 2017-Enter to win a CleverPet

27th Nov 2017

4 Gifts for Pets

The 4 Gifts for Pets Giveaway Hop sponsored by CleverPet. They are responsible for their giveaway prize. 

Denise’s Dog Dish & Shasta’s Yorkie Yap/ denisegruzensky.com received a Web Master Harness and TechnyFlex for an honest review. We did not receive monetary compensation to review/promote these products. We purchased the PetSafe Busy Buddy Bristle Bone. We only accept products that we use ourselves, believe our readers and we will benefit from learning more about & feel you will enjoy. CleverPet, Ruffwear, New Zealand’s Best and PetSafe are not responsible for the content of this post.

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Create your pet’s Christmas wish list with the blog hop & giveaway!

Have you heard of the 4 gifts rule? I hadn’t until I was invited to join Kol’s Notes and A Dog Walks Into A Bar’s 4 gifts for pets 2017 blog hop and giveaway.  Now I can think of so many ways to use 4 gifts for pets (kids, family etc). But I am getting ahead of myself.

Make sure you get to the end, skip if necessary, so you can enter to win a CleverPet (grand prize). We are also giving away one $200, one $100 and one $50 gift cards. Plus I will share how to find bonus entry opportunities. Not sure what a CleverPet is and why you should PAWsitively want one? Keep reading…

What does the 4 gifts rule mean?

How is your budget for Christmas? Is it tight? Do you find, once you start shopping, you have a hard time sticking to your budget? Are you trying to avoid excess? My answers to all of these questions is a definite yes. Whether for my husband, family, friends or pets, I keep finding more cool things to buy. I PAWsitively LOVE seeing the look on someone’s face (or the excitement of my dog) when I’ve found them a great gift THEY love. Ironically receiving gifts is not one of my Love Languages, but I digress.

The idea of the 4 gifts rule is you purchase the person(s) [or furry family member(s)] a single gift in each of 4 categories: something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read. For our pet-themed 4 gifts for pets blog hop and giveaway we are each including something they want, need, wear and something to read or eat.

4 Gifts for the Senior Pet

I decided to focus on items essential for a Senior pet. I have to say; it was challenging to choose only 4 gifts (this probably means it will be even more difficult for me with children). But, when I look at Shasta’s toy box, I realize he only plays (played) with 1-2 of his toys. I included items that help a senior walk and keep their minds, teeth, and joints healthy.

4 gifts for pets Denise's Dog Dish Choices

Something they WANT

Oh, my dog! I have wanted one of these since I first heard about them. Shasta is renowned for figuring out his interactive games quickly. Watch him figure out his IQ ball and Tornado in the 1st few minutes. So when I heard CleverPet designed an interactive game console for dogs, I was HOOKED. For the active furry family member, keep your dog busy and out of trouble for hours. For the aging furry family member, normal aging causes the brain function to change. The brain, like other muscles, needs exercise. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic found that engaging in mentally stimulating activities may protect against cognitive impairment. Just like humans, dogs can suffer from cognitive impairment and benefit from a mentally stimulating environment (read more at PetMD.com). Enter CleverPet; it is different than anything I have seen. Designed to increase difficulty levels as your pet learns, it is one-stop shopping for a quick learner like Shasta. CleverPet solves the problem of purchasing multiple interactive games. Although the price is steep, I have to consider how many interactive games we needed to purchase to keep Shasta entertained and it has an app used to help monitor your dog’s progress. All PAWsome features for your senior pet. CleverPet is currently offering a $20 off discount code now through 01/01/2018 – KOLCHAK-20!

4 Gifts for Pets 20170-CleverPet and Felix
4 Gifts for Pets 2017-CleverPet Felix

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Something to WEAR

4 Gifts for Pets-Ruffwear Web Master Harness Shasta at the beachLast Christmas Ruffwear sent us their PAWsitively fantastic Web Master Harness to try. At the time, I thought we would be using it for backpacking with Shasta. The harness is built for working dogs with a secure but comfortable fit and a handle to assist over obstacles. I was planning ahead because the sturdy handle can also be used to assist with mobility. Little did I realize the latter would be its main use for us but it still exceeded my expectations.

When I measured Shasta, he was right in the middle of the small and medium sizes. We went with the small and ended up needing the medium. Customer service was very helpful and made it easy to exchange. There are five adjustable points making it easy to customize the fit (I suggest also watching their video) and adjust to wearing over fall/winter coats.  Also contributing to comfort, the straps, including the chest, are padded. The metal ring on the back, for attaching a leash, is sturdy. Though Shasta didn’t pull I have no doubt it can withstand the most energetic tug.

4 Gifts for Pets-Ruffwear Web Master Harness Shasta at the beach

I can’t imagine needing to replace it very often. However, it would be immediately back on our 4 gifts for pets something to wear list EVERY time!

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Something they NEED

I believe EVERY dog needs a Busy Buddy Bristle Bone by PetSafe. It changed our lives…you can read all about it via this link:  “How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth WITHOUT the Struggle“. Shasta lost ZERO teeth after we started using this fun dental chew. They think they are getting a treat. I included the video we did in February for Dental Health month so you can see how PAWsome they are! You are getting them to brush their teeth PAWsitively something they need.

I didn't know brushing my dog's teeth could be THIS easy! #busybuddybone #4giftsforpets Click To Tweet

Something to EAT

Arthritis is a reality as we age, and again, it is no different for our furry family members. Shasta tried different Glucosamine, Chondroitin Omega 3 fatty acid supplements (read more). I met Melissa Burrus at a Women in the Pet Industry conference, and she told me about TechnyFlex. Not only does it have Glucosamine and Chondroitin (together they help nourish the joints) but TechnyFlex also uses the green-lipped mussel (Perna canaliculus) found only in New Zealand. It is a natural anti-inflammatory and is the same Omega-3 I tell human patients to look for. New Zealand’s best has made it available for dogs, cats, and horses making it our choice for something to eat.

4 Gifts for Pets-TechnyFlex for healthy joints and less pain

Keep my pet’s joints healthy with less pain. Purchase TechnyFlex

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The Giveaway

The giveaway will run from November 27 through December 8, 2017, at 11:59 pm PST. No purchase necessary. Grand prize is a CleverPet and was provided by CleverPet. Each participating blogger paid an entry fee which was used to help fund the gift cards.

4 Gifts for Pets bonus entry details

There is a bonus daily entry word; find the bonus word on my Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter sites then return here to use it for 5 additional  entries.

Where to enter

Visit us and each blog below. “Hop” on and enter daily for more chances to win.

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82 comments on “4 Gifts for Pets 2017-Enter to win a CleverPet

  1. That is such a cute idea! Reminds me of when some people get married and they have something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. I am also interested in the bristle bone. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kristen on said:

    We round them up together somewhere festive looking and snap their photo.

  3. Gina Rock on said:

    We put something cute on him and take a family picture.

  4. Brad Merrell on said:

    She sits (or lies) in front of us

  5. sarah k on said:

    We don’t really do planned holiday photos.

  6. Shelby Terwell on said:

    I try to get our pup in a Santa hat, for pictures!

  7. Mr. N is pretty much all of our holiday photos lol.

  8. Jessica W on said:

    I always get my dogs to wear Santa hats to take group pictures with us around the tree.

  9. Our dog tiny joins in everything from presents to her own little holiday meal 🙂 This year we are including our two cats as well !

  10. Sarah Mayer on said:

    She hates her pink camo jacket but I MAKE her wear it when it’s cold out.

  11. Dianne on said:

    Every year we set the timer on our camera and take multiple photos of our family, including the dog, on the sectional in the living room. The out-takes are to die for 😉

  12. Lindsay A. on said:

    I prefer candid type photos with my cat, rather than posed. So more often the photos tend to be ones of her playing with us (particularly playing with holiday items!), or sleeping.

  13. Linda Szymoniak on said:

    Well, now that my girls are grown we don’t really do holiday photos with them. SO, I just take photos of my furbabies! They get in ALL the photos.

  14. Kyla Patton on said:

    We typically just have her sitting in our lap and holding onto her collar a bit. We don’t pose her specially, we just “in the moment” shots 🙂

  15. Jill Hanson on said:

    We don’t do family photos, but I have boxes and album’s filled with pet photos!!

  16. Natalie on said:

    We always include our dog in holiday photos. Usually one of us ends up holding him in our arms.

  17. Margot C on said:

    I only take holiday photos of them, no people!

  18. Emeryl on said:

    We don’t really take holiday photos, but we do take pics of the kittens all the time! Probably have hundreds of them.

  19. Dogs are always in family photos

  20. Dawn C on said:

    We don’t usually take pictures. But if we do I break out the santa hat and elf ears!

  21. Kayla Lussier on said:

    When I decorate I get my pets in front of an area like the Christmas tree and take their photos and make a Christmas card collage with all of their photos to send out to my family.

  22. Susan Greenberg on said:

    We take a family pic every year and buy a special family ornament every year, We started this many years ago when our previous fur baby was young and though she’s gone to rainbow bridge her memory is shining bright . We have two rescue pups who we have continued the same tradition ..our tree is full of family photo ornaments and ones with our dogs in..past and current .

  23. Susan Greenberg on said:

    Both my rescue pups love having their pic taken and this year I got a great pic with them outside in the snow

  24. Susan Greenberg on said:

    Both my rescue pups love having their pic taken and this year I got a great pic with them outside in the snow

  25. Lisa F. on said:

    I have always gone the extra mile to include my pets in holiday get together photos over the years. Only a few times have I actually done the Santa/Easter bunny thing.

  26. Calvin F. on said:

    Luring him with treats.

  27. He really loves being front and center 🙂

  28. Haha! We ONLY take pictures of Honey. I have having my picture taken.

  29. I love the photos! Ruby took Technyflex last winter and it really helped. The cold weather really bothers her joints. I love the harness. We have just a regular harness but this one looks much more sturdy and I love the handle.

  30. I dressed up her up a couple of years ago, and although it’s a bit late for me to try it again this year, I think I’m going to try again next year! Check my “Website” on this comment for the photo I got her in before.

  31. no pics of me only Layla

  32. rachel monn on said:

    she likes to wear her ugly christmas sweater

  33. Melissa Storms on said:

    Our dog is easy to get into pictures, one of just holds her. It is trickier with the cat.

  34. Sandy Weinstein on said:

    i dont really send out Christmas cards, i used to but we dont celebrate Christmas. so i just send non denominational cards with just their names on it. the year i send just reg pictures on the front the card of all of the girls and not me.

  35. Christine Aiello on said:

    I take her to see Santa Claus every year and every year I do a holiday photo shoot of her for our Christmas cards in a new outfit!

  36. alicia gordon on said:

    I like to take pictures of my dogs by the tree and in front of their stocking that i get them every year! very cute photos

  37. Cheryl Chervitz on said:

    I take their picture in front of the tree and also when I put their reindeer antlers on!

  38. Amy Angulo on said:

    The pups are usually the only ones in the holiday photos since most of the family doesn’t like to be photographed

  39. Shelley on said:

    I take a picture of my pet by the Christmas tree.

  40. Photo in front of the Christmas tree 🙂

  41. Colleen Boudreau on said:

    We don’t take holiday pictures really.

  42. Heather D on said:

    We include our pets in all family photos because they are family.

  43. We always take a pic with our pup in front of our tree every year. We just hold him. We have pics going back 10 years now.

  44. Just pick them up or snuggle with them on the floor and take lots of pics.

  45. We all wear matching PJs and/or bandanas if we can’t find PJs for the pups!
    Jessica Shipman | Beagles & Bargains recently posted…Spoil Your Pets with the Paws & Santa Claws Holiday Giveaway | Win BIG Prizes!My Profile

  46. Jennifer A on said:

    The only holiday photos I really take would be of my furbabies lol

  47. Molli Taylor on said:

    we just hold the cats in the photo

  48. I hold them to be able to take picture

  49. Lisa Brown on said:

    I just put him on my lap, take the picture, and there you go

  50. We dress our dog up and she usually sits on one of our laps.

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