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Children's Book Harley's Story & Author Denise Gruzensky School Visits

Bring the children’s book Harley’s Story & Author Denise Gruzensky to your School:

Hosting an author visit is a great thing to do for your students.  It’s a way to help connect your kids to books in a way more powerful that reading alone.

I can alter or create a presentation to help meet your school’s needs but the drop down list under this tab have some of the basics.

Presentations are approximately 30-60 minutes and we can arrange to have more than one presentation per school.

What can happen when Denise visits a school?

  • The students will get very excited about reading, writing, and the creative process and they’ll get more out of it because your school prepared them, so they are more invested in the visit.
  • They’ll treasure the books they take home from the book sale because of that investment, and that love of books will ripple out to include other books.


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