Rescue Dog Journal: Pet Therapy Dog Graduate

29th Jun 2017

 Therapy Dog Graduate Dog mom has taken her sweet time getting around to helping me with my post. I graduated from Pet Smart and began my pet therapy hospital visits… almost a year ago. That is a whole 7 years […]

A Behind the Scenes Look at The Dog Cafe LA

9th Apr 2017

The Dog Cafe LA Have you heard of The Dog Café? In November 2016, Cat Alley Lady wrote a blog post about her trip to the Los Angeles Cat Café. Immediately I loved everything about the idea and wondered if […]

We’re taking Go Pet Friendly’s 2017 Pet Blogger Challenge

10th Jan 2017

Happy New Year & The Go Pet Friendly 2017 Pet Blogger Challenge This post contains a few of my affiliate links. If you purchase a product via these links & use my discount code, I will receive a commission. Can […]

#HoundsandHolidays WINNERS

14th Dec 2016

Congratulations to the Holidays, Hounds and Hot Buys WINNERS! Top from left to right: Kiara from Cori Chavez (Travel) Ellie and Kato from Heather Reed (Surprise) @twocitydogs Frankie from Rhonda Pumphrey (Treats&Food) Bottom from left to right: Sweet Pea from […]

Are Our Pet’s Talking? Dishing Animal Communication

9th Dec 2016

Holidays, Hounds and Hot Buys Gift Guide and Giveaway #HoundsandHolidays What is an animal communicator? I really wanted to know when I met Terri Sides at a Women In the Pet Industries conference earlier this year. It was interesting timing. […]